The Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Examination

& Association Membership


The following supersedes all previously issued details on taking the examination.



The following applies:

  • You can take the examination after studying for not less that three months from the date of receiving the first lesson regardless of how and when purchased.    Students studying under the installment plan, must complete all lessons before taking the exam.   Please note that there is a one-year time limit on when you can take the exam that starts from the date you receive the full course or the last lesson in the installment plan.

  • There is an examination fee of $45.00  The reason why this fee is separate from the course purchase fee is that not everyone who buys the course wishes to take the exam and it is unfair on them if they were to pay for an exam in the purchase price. 

  • You will also be entitled to Life-Membership of our in-house Association of Ethical and Professional Hypnotherapists (see below for details) on passing the examination.

  • There is also a small charge (presently $15.00) to cover the cost of printing, posting etc. for the Diploma and Association Membership Certificate on passing the qualifying examination.     

2nd and Subsequent Attempts at the Examination

In the unlikely event you fail the your first attempt at the examination, the following applies:

You are eligible, subject to the following conditions, to take the final Diploma Examination again at a cost of $30.00 (US).  These fees apply to all subsequent attempts at the examination.

The examination is multiple choice and taken online.   i.e.  there are three possible answers to each question with one being correct.     

There are 100 questions and a pass mark of 80%.    There is a time limit of two hours (more than enough time to answer all questions) and in the unlikely event you go over that time, the examination site will automatically shut down and only those questions answered will be marked.   There is a countdown button on the examination paper.   Again, I stress that two hours is more than enough time to take the exam, providing you have studied the course material.

The examination is marked automatically on-line immediately after you hit the 'Please Grade me' button on the examination paper.     The results are notified to both you (providing you supply an email address on the page displayed when you finish the examination) and The College.    We, therefore, have no control over whether you pass or fail and this gives the examination credibility.

Due to the nature of the final examination, there are no practice or mock examinations.    The final examination is straight forward and is accessed through a user name and password that is given to you on application.     

After the three month minimum study period, you can ask to take final examination by sending an email to the College.

You MUST include in the BODY of your email requesting to take the examination the following details to enable verification before sending you the exam details:

  • Your full name

  • The date you purchased the course.

  • The email address you used when purchasing the course (you should have an email receipt after paying with this in it)


  • The first attempt at the examination costs $45.00.  

  • You must study for at least three months before taking the final examination and/or complete all lessons on the installment plan.. 

  • On passing the examination (95% of students pass on the first attempt) there is charge of $15.00 to cover the costs involved in producing and posting the Diploma and Association Membership Certificate.

  • In the unlikely event that you fail the first attempt, there is a $30.00 fee for each subsequent attempt at the examination.    (It is EXTREMELY rare that anyone has to take the examination more than two times, in fact the last time was well over five years ago).

  • You must study for a further month before a second attempt at the examination.   Subsequent attempts can be taken at a time approved by the College.

Please Note:  In all cases, the taking of the examination is at the discretion of the Principal of The Robert Shields College.     Every effort will be taken to help you take the examination and pass it, but on some very rare occasions, it is necessary to refuse an examination attempt.   This is normally because of an extremely extended time being taken between purchase and the examination, such as two or even, as has happened, ten years.   


Public Liability Insurance is available for U.K. residents at a low cost.   

Please note  Towergateinsurance has been successfully used by our students  for further details click here.   Note:  I have absolutely no connection with the insurance company and only give a link to their services as I have heard good things about them and they are reasonably priced.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to arrange insurance for overseas graduates and it has to be left up to you to arrange your own insurance.   A search of the Internet for 'Public Liability Insurance' will produce web sites that may be suitable for your area and country.   We would be very grateful for any information you may have in this respect for inclusion on our web site.

Note:  Taking the Diploma Examination is at the discretion of the Principal of the College.  Studying this course does not give an automatic right to sit the examination, but under normal circumstances, there will be no problem providing you are a legitimate student who has paid for the course in full.    This warning is, of course, of no consequence to the genuine student.




The Association of Ethical and professional Hypnotherapists was formed in 1986 to meet the need for an association with a clearly defined code of ethics and a professional attitude towards the paying public. All members agree to a declaration that they will at all times place the welfare of their clients above all other considerations. Also, should it become obvious that the client would benefit from the services of another practitioner, whether it be in the fields of orthodox medicine or another field of Alternative Medicine, then that client will be so informed and all efforts made to find a suitable practitioner.



  • Membership is only open to graduates of courses run under the auspices of the The Robert Shields College.

  • Membership is at the discretion of the College and is in two grades, Associate Membership and Full membership.


This grade of membership is available to suitable practitioners who have completed The Robert Shields College's Certificate Course.      Associate Members are entitled to use the initials, A.A.E.P.H. after their names.


This grade of membership is available to holders of the Robert Shields College's' Diploma in Hypnotherapy and is granted at the discretion of the Governing Council. Full Membership entitles the holder to use the initial M.A.E.P.H.

Note: All members are required to subscribe to a Code of Ethics, a copy of which is shown below:

"I will at all times act within the profession of Hypnotherapist in a professional manner and that should I at any time fail to do so, and by so doing bring The Association into disrepute, I understand that my membership will be revoked on a majority decision made by a panel consisting of not less than three and not more than seven, members of The Association.

I further declare that I will place the welfare of my clients above all other consideration, financial and otherwise, and that should I become aware that a client would benefit from the services of another practitioner, allopathic or otherwise, I will so inform the said client at the earliest opportunity."

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